Steinmetz Corporation has extensive experience providing testing and maintenance services for electrical utility substations and large industrial power system equipment. We service electrical equipment according to the manufacture’s recommendations. We follow NETA standards when manufacture’s specifications are unavailable. We invest in the continuing education of our field service technicians to ensure that we use the most current and advanced methods and equipment.

Our field service team provides plant and substation maintenance and testing including transformers, circuit breakers, protective relays, disconnect switches, and other major infrastructure components.

Our Testing & Maintenance Services Include:

  • Protective relay testing using Doble test sets
  • Power transformer testing
  • Power Factor Insulation Testing (Doble M4000)
  • High Voltage Power Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Insulating Fluid Sampling and Analysis
  • VLF/Tan Delta testing for power cables
  • Low voltage circuit breaker testing
  • Transformer tapchanger maintenance
  • Electrical switchgear testing
  • Automatic transfer schemes
  • Substation battery systems
  • Instrument transformer testing
  • Infra-red Thermography
  • Substation communications systems testing
  • Satellite-synchronized protective relay testing
  • Circuit breaker shop repair
  • Plant shutdown maintenance services
  • 24 hour Emergency Service

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